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Homeowners Insurance

We all know that protecting your newly purchased home from unwanted events such as theft, fire and the occasional storms is important.  However, knowing and understanding what the right coverage limits are just be as important.  

Different companies offer different amounts of coverage limits. Each coverage limit is  unique in its own individual way. 

Coverage A. Dwelling Structures 

Typically covers your house, attached structures, fixtures in the house such as built-in appliances, plumbing, heating, permanently installed air conditioning systems, and electrical wiring. 
This Coverage is based upon a computer calculation of the replacement cost if your dwelling. There are wide variety of different factors that are entered to calculate the appropriate replacement cost. The calculation is primarily based upon the square footage of the dwelling itself.
Coverage B. Other Structures 

Typically covers detached structures such as garages, storage sheds, and fixtures attached to the land including fences, driveways, sidewalks, patios, and retaining walls. Detached structures used for business purposes are not covered under a personal home owners insurance policy.
Coverage C. Personal Property 

Typically covers personal property including the contents of your home and other personal items owned by you or family members who live with you. This protection can be based on actual cash value or replacement cost.
Coverage D. Loss of Use 
Typically covers living expenses over and above your normal living expenses if you cannot live in your home while repairs are being made or if you are denied access by government order.

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