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Condominium Unit Owners Insurance

As a owner of a condominium unit, you are also a member of your condominium association.

As you are probably aware, the association carries insurance on the basic structures of the property. However, please keep in mind the association insurance does not cover the interior of your unit.

If your building was damaged from as a result of a covered loss such as a fire or strom, you’d find that everything from the framing in-ward – including the walls, the wall-finishing, any appliances and fixtures, household goods, perhaps even the plumbing and heating – will be your responsibility to repair the damages.

Without an individual Condo Unit Owners Policy, such a loss would leave you overbearing.



Coverage A-Dwelling Coverage: This coverage covers the interior walls,drywall, wall-coverings, flooring, etc.

Coverage B- Personal Property: This coverage part protects your presonal belongs and includes everything you own, cloths, coughes, tv's, etc. If you were to turn your entire unit upsidedown, this coverage part protects everything that is not bolted to the unit and falls down.

Coverage D-Loss of Use: In the evetn of a covered loss and your entire unit is damaged, it will obviously take some time to repaire and renovate the unit. During this time will cover any temporary expeses you incur such as an apartment or motel rental.   

Coverage E -Personal Liability: This coverage part will cover you against any lawsuits, legal expenses, and medical costs if you are legally responsible for injury or property damage to others.

Coverage F. Medical Payments: If a person is injured in your condo unit and they are not named on your policy, this coverage would pay for some minor medical treatment, such as exams. This coverage provides the insured with means to cover minor medical expenses without filing a claim against the Personal Liability coverage section of the HO6.

Different companies offer different the minimal and maximum coverage limits and it is important to know these limit, any type of credits and or discounts you might be entitled to, and any additional endorsements that can be added to your policy that  might be beneficial to protecting your unit and your personal belongings.


It is always best to read your policy and understand what the policy will cover in the event of a covered loss such as a fire.

It is important read and understand the association documents as well as the association rules. it should clearly indicate which parts of the complex you as an insured are responsible for.